The album cover and illustrations I did for LAUREX PALLAS  featured in RollingStone Italy.
I love the music of this group!
I really do!

Machine to Annihilate the World

Maquina para Aniquilar el Mundo
(Machine to Exterminate the World)

Dimension:  70cm x 100cm (each)
Materials: Chinese ink, watercolors and markers

Here is the diptych I made for the Day of the Dead exhibition at A.K.A (Associacio Kultural D' Art).  November 2011. 

Converse Block Party Stencils

I was commissioned by Converse to design stencils for a live action at the *Converse Block Party* in Barcelona and to lead a graffiti and stencil workshop for
youth during the event.

Some of the Stencils

Tomas the Big Legend!

Bum Box

Even my Friend Chaco Ariza was there!


This is a little drawing Focaccina*. I'm drawing some texture details for my website's background.
A neverending story!
Loving it, some summer inspiration.

*Cool Disco 1, Cool Disco 2, Cool Disco 3, Molecular Robot Finder, Spit 47 the letter for Marta or Carmen (I don't remember), Scape Capsules (draw me one and get lost), No Name For This One (red sun and sand) and Noses Many Hairy Noses.

Celebrate Summer Shorts

Here is the image for the Telegraph21 and Shooting People * Celebrate Summer Shorts* special screening at the Big Screen Plaza in NY this July. A selection of short films, animation, and videos from both online platforms will be shown for free at this new public venue. I am happy with it!

Robot1199 en el Chickend Room

Baene en el Chickend Room

Daniel Anzola Fashion disigner from the city of Medellin (Colombia) sent me this picture with one of my illustrations.

Tshirt for INNIPPU

This T-shirt has an illustration I made it for INNIPPU in 2009.




This is Tomas.
An artist, a friend, but in this case, my model.
Photos are taken by my friend Matti.