Tattoo de la ROJA

Here is part of the drawing from Laurex Pallas latest album cover.
One of the band members Anna used it as a tattoo. Looks this is not temporary it´s for real!

Wow I'm honored!


This week I will collaborate with Christina Pfeifer in a workshop for teenagers that Papermind Fanzine will host at La Panera "Contemporary Art Center" in Lleida. Spain.

Works in Progress (March)

Chistina Pfeifer Collection
Sleep Solves Every Thing
Watercolor, markers and ink
21x30 / 8 1/2"x 11 3/4"
I been working on some drawings about being awake. Here is some of my latest work.

Sleep Solves Every Thing. Fanzine 2011----- 2012

I made a fanzine of suggestions for the New Year for some of my friends.
It was an edition of 100.
Were you one of the lucky 100?